Directorate of Missions

Oversees the following Ministries


“Go therefore and make Disciples of all the nations…” – Matthew 28:19. The Redeemed Evangelical Mission is a church focused on soul-winning. As a church, we are called as followers of Christ to share His message of hope and agape love, leading the unchurched to a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Evangelism Ministry teams up with the Missions Directorate to answer God’s call and also leads the unchurched to Christ. The team meets every first Saturday of the month. All members of the church are mandated to go preach the Message of the Gospel with the team.


Whether you just came for a visit, or a family’s dedication, or even just to find a new place of worship, the Counselling ministry has got your back. This warm, friendly, and attentive bunch are there to listen and will willingly welcome you with open arms. If you need a chat or someone to help guide you in the direction of how to become a member of an awesome Bible-believing church, you’ll find them here!

G12 Cell Church

The G12 Ministry serves as the cell fellowship arm of the church. Nevertheless, members of each cell fellowship are mandated to create a new cell if they are more than twelve in one cell; hence, the name – G12 which means ‘Group of Twelve.’ It is a spiritual initiative where a group of twelve disciples (just like Jesus Christ’s Disciples) reaches out to the unchurched in their respective environment. Through this initiative, talents are being discovered, developed, and deployed to make a formidable impact in their community as well as the entire world for the Kingdom.


From the counselor to the G-12 cell member to our Pastors, we do our best to keep in touch and check up on our new members and guest. We promise not to nag or disturb you, we just want you to know that we are thinking of you and we care about you! This team works hard to make sure everyone who comes through our doors feels the love of Christ that flows in our church and maybe someday, you’ll join our family.

Directorate of Ministry

Oversees the following Ministries


As the name implies stand in the gap for the Church through prayers. Its objective is to support the church and provide prayer covering for the Headquarters Church and TREM family members. A dedicated group of people come together to intercede on behalf of every member of the church and their families, praying fervently to God letting Him know their requests and hearts’ desires as well as for their protection and daily needs. The prayer meetings are held on Mondays by midnight and on Sunday before the start of service.

We Care Ministry

Taking care of the health and physical well being of the members of the church

Directorate of Maturity

Oversees the following Ministries

Ministries in Training

MIT takes the new converts on a discipleship and membership course to find your way and stay on track to develop as a Christian.

Directorate of Membership

Oversees the following Ministries

Singles Fellowship

A safe space where those who wish to understand how to live a good Christian life as a single man or woman in the 21st Century without judgment or pressure, gather together to learn, pray and play. There is room for everyone to hear, discuss and meet other singles on matters that affect them in this technologically saturated world.

Christian Men Fellowship

exists to promote and encourage a personal commitment to Jesus Christ through personal worship, prayer, and obedience to His Word through the power of the Holy Spirit; the group is also a platform to prepare Christian men to fulfill the purpose for which God created them An additional major focus of the Christian Men’s Fellowship is to render service to individuals in need. The group’s Monthly Hour of Elevation flagship program serves as a time of House to House fellowship, prayers, and breaking of bread.

Young Men Christian Fellowship

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” – Proverbs 27:17 The Young Men’s Fellowship is dedicated to influencing, guiding, and mentoring young men in the ways of God outside the four walls of our Church. The fellowship has become a veritable platform for networking and spiritual growth through the consistent study of God’s Word on weekly basis.

Christian Women Fellowship

The Christian Women Fellowship position as mothers in the congregation prepared to give godly advice and build the church like a home. The Fellowship exists to promote and encourage a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, strong moral and ethical purity, and to set good examples to younger women in the area of strong marriages through love, protection, and Biblical values. They develop all women in Christian living and to be witnesses of Christ.

Young Women Christian Fellowship

The Young Virtuous Women fellowship is made up of vibrant young women and mothers who through teachings and studying the word strives towards excellence in Church, Home, and their Career environment. Their aim is to model Proverbs 31. They are dedicated to influencing, guiding, and mentoring young women in the ways of God. They are also taught to be strong women of God, good wives, and mothers. As Excellent women, they take the gospel to the marketplace.

Young People's Fellowship

Comprises of teens (13 – 19 years), young adults (18 – 30 years), and The Campus Fellowship (TCF). They are provided with a platform that enables them to grow spiritually.

Directorate of Worship

Oversees the following Ministries

Dunamis Voices

Enthusiastic worshippers who use their God-given talents to lead the church through praise and worship sessions and music ministrations.


Young energetic men and women who provide real time coverage of programs so that no one misses out. They record, create and broadcast quality audio and video contents. They also oversee the presence of the church on all social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc and ensure online viewers have a pleasant experience.

Faith Afresh

They use creative arts – stage and movie productions –to reach out to people and point them back to God.

Sanctuary Keepers

They clean and beautify the church. They ensure the main auditorium, children’s halls, and lavatories are clean and ready for use during and after various programs.


As second contact in the church, they receive everyone who comes to church with their smiles and words of encouragement. They are also responsible for maintaining order during various church programs. They maintain decorum and order during service. They ensure that the guidelines are duly followed.


They ensure quality sound during various programs.

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