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As second contact in the church, they receive everyone who comes to church with their smiles and words of encouragement. They are also responsible for maintaining order during various church programs. They maintain decorum and order during service. They ensure that the guidelines are duly followed.

Dunamis Voices

Enthusiastic worshippers who use their God-given talents to lead the church through praise and worship sessions and music ministrations.


They clean and beautify the church. They ensure the main auditorium, children’s halls, and lavatories are clean and ready for use during and after various programs.


Young energetic men and women who provide real time coverage of programs so that no one misses out. They record, create and broadcast quality audio and video contents. They also oversee the presence of the church on all social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc and ensure online viewers have a pleasant experience.


They ensure quality sound during various programs.


Warm and receptive people, being your first contact in the church premises, ushering you into God's presence with warmth

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